Am I allowed to copy or use any of the images you design on your website?

No, all our images have a copyright on them and are not allowed to be copied or reproduced without our permission.

I am a non for profit organisation and I wish to use one of your images?

Please contact us to discuss.

What materials do you use or recommend?

We use most mediums. We do not recommend anyone brand.  If you would like to know about a particular brand, messages us, and if we have used it, we will give you my honest option.

I would like a printed image bigger than A3.

All prints are done at A3 sizing.

I live overseas and wish to purchase your artwork.

For all shipping outside of Australia please contact us for a quote.

How do you package your paintings?

All paintings are double bubble-wrapped.
All voids in packaging are filled to avoid movement.
Extra packaging is placed on the corners of paintings.
Paintings are sent in thick cardboard boxes or cylinders if a cardboard box is not the correct size it is made from a cardboard box to fit the painting tightly.
If you purchase an X Large artwork it may need to be shipped in a crate.
All paintings are marked “handle like eggs” and have lots of FRAGILE labels or tape on them.
All paintings have photo’s taken during the packaging
If damage occurs from transport companies, photo’s can be used for insurance purposes.

How are prints packaged?

Prints are rolled and sent in a cylinder.

How does delivery work?

Most items are sent through Australian Post and a signature is required on delivery.

If I am interested in purchasing and have a question, when should I contact you?

If you feel the need to contact us please feel free to do so. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Do you accept commissioned projects?

Yes, we accept commissioned projects.


Do you offer instalment payment plans?

We use After Pay. If you wish to discuss a different payment plan please contact me.

Do you have a return policy?

If it is damaged please contact us.   We use Australian Post and have insurance on the artwork.  No return if you change your mind.

Do you accept wholesale purchases from corporate art consultants and interior designers?

We are prepared to discuss this with corporate art consultants and designers.

Do you rent or lease your art and what are your fees?

We are prepared to discuss this.

Limited editions of originals, what is the size of the edition?

Most limited editions close at 100 copies. Size is A3.

In what galleries is your art currently available?

See ‘Events’ section. Current exhibitions will be listed there.  Online exhibitions are done usually done using Youtube.

Are you interested in being contacted by galleries or agents?


Do you accept visitors at your studio?

We are happy to have interested clients visit my studio please contact us for an appointment.

Do you do personal or group classes?

Yes, if you wish to have a personal or group class, please contact us.

I have a question not covered here.

Please feel welcome to contact us and ask,