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Donna is a self-taught artist, who feels lucky enough to do artistry for a living.

The good part about being self-taught is that she knows very few boundaries within her work. She has the freedom to do her artwork her way, which allows her to produce exciting elements within her work.

She enjoys using various mediums but her favourite is resin, it allows her to have depth and looseness that other mediums do not allow.

Donna is constantly pushing her medium, she is continuously looking for new effects. She loves challenges and strives for uniqueness.  As you follow her you will notice that her art is continuously evolving. Painting gives Donna the ability to express her thoughts and emotions in her own unique way.

We do not only do paintings.  We have coasters, placemats, decorative plates, small round tables, resin trays, jewellery boxes, serving platters, cheese platters and many more items.   Donna also holds popular workshops at her studio where she guides you through the process as you make beautiful artwork to take home.

Donna has had artworks in 19 exhibitions, entered a couple of competitions and won 3 awards. She had also held 5 SALA exhibitions.

She has been interviewed several times on local radio and was asked to do a painting for an exhibition with the South Australian Government project Torrens to Torrens. Her work was selected, photographed and an article was written and placed in the Torrens to Torrens newsletter.

Donna’s paintings come with a Certificate of Authenticity and future Provenance list.

Commission requests are welcome just message us and we can discuss it.

We invite you to ‘follow’ our website so you can view her future evolving work, and be notified when Donna has a future exhibition or event.

If you are in the Adelaide area and would like to come to the studio and see Donna’s latest work message us for an appointment.

Donna Parker, Artist

Northern Health Art Competition Adult Category 2016

Playford Art Exhibition 2016

Peoples Choice Playford Art Exhibition 2015